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My Learning Diary for the "Collaborative Teaching and Learning" MOOC

Another interesting MOOC was organised by the European Schoolnet Academy. The course focused on Collaborative teaching and learning. Being able to collaborate effectively is a valuable 21st-century skill, yet teaching about or through collaboration remains rare in schools because of a lack of understanding of what real collaboration in an educational setting means, and because existing policy conditions do not always enable it to flourish.

Collaborative Teaching and Learning course badge

This introductory course provided insights into:
  • What is collaborative learning?
  • How can I carry it out effectively in my classroom?
  • What tools can I use to assess collaborative learning?
  • How can I collaborate with fellow teachers to facilitate collaborative learning?
The diary includes some inspiring diaries from fellow teachers attending the course as well as a collection of ideas for collaborative activities, digital tools that can be used in collaborative teaching and lesson plans.

Collaborative teaching and learning Course

Collaborative Learning is a process through which learners at various performance levels work together in small groups toward a common goal. It is a learner-centred approach. Collaborative learning is a relationship among learners that fosters positive interdependence, individual accountability, and interpersonal skills.


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