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My Learning Diary for the "Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom" Course

In September 2015, the European Schoolnet Academy offered a MOOC on developing digital skills in our classroom.

Digital skills are already an essential requirement for young people to succeed in an increasingly digitized society. Not only are these skills demanded for an increasing number of jobs, they also are a requirement and a right of citizens, if they are to be functional in today’s society.

Schools and teachers therefore need support to work with their students to develop a wide range of digital skills that ensure young people leaving school have the skills required by the labour market and by an increasingly digitized society.

The course guided teachers in how to develop a range of digital skills and to introduce them to the tools and resources that are available to them.

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Halloween History

Older students will probably appreciate the more challenging history of Halloween from National Geographic...


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October in the USA and in Britain. It is a tradition that is very appealling to children and teenagers because of its "scary" side, the costumes, the decorations and the famous "trick or treat" custom. The lesson that follows is designed for young teens at B1 level. Enjoy!

Code Week 2015

Today we live in a world that has been affected by rapid advances in technology. The way we work, communicate, shop and think has changed dramatically. In order to cope with these rapid changes and to make sense of the world around us, we need to not only develop our understanding of how technology works, but also develop skills and capabilities, that will help us to adapt to living in this new era.

Learning to code helps us to make sense of how things work, explore ideas and make things, for both work and play. What’s more it helps us to unleash our creativity and work collaboratively with wonderful people both near us and all over the world.