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Printable Facebook Profile

It is common knowledge that our students use social media extensively while schools on the other hand are not always tech friendly. Why not bring Facebook on a piece of paper then? It can be much more motivating than having students answer the usual "Tell me about yourself" questions. If you can get them to bring their photos, the printables can make beautiful front pages for their portfolios.

These Facebook profiles have been adapted from Charly Baker's printables found in Teachers Pay Teachers.

Facebook Student Profile

Listen to the Mustn'ts by Shell Silverstein

"I am Poems"

With schools opening soon I couldn't think of a better post to start the new year than an icebreaker activity to use with students you already know from previous years. Basically what they have to do is write a poem about themselves following the "I am Poems" format. The activity can be very motivating as teenagers love talking about themselves and the better their level of English the more interesting the results. If you are able to work in the computer lab the results can be surprisingly creative!