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eTwinning Quality Labels

Halloween Resources for Pen and Paper Classrooms

If, like me, you are working with minimal equipment or you just prefer the advantages a pen and paper classroom has to offer, then search no more. British Coucil's Learn English has everything an EFL teacher can dream of. Concerning Halloween, you can find a magazine article together with a downloadable audio file, a pre-reading vocabulary activity and a comprehension task. They work both on screen and on paper.

Oxford University Press offers an equally interesting array of Halloween resources for Pre-Intermediate to Higher Intermediate learners with Scary Collocations, Ghoulish Word Forms, Frightful Idioms, a Shadowy Web Quest and guidelines for writing a Ghost Story! There is also a list of Bookworm ghost stories and activities you can do with your class. 

For vocabulary consolidation you can use the crossword from my Halloween lesson. For even more Halloween fun there is the Ultimate Halloween Crossword found in Lanternfish.

School Subjects with Sam Cooke

Unit 2 of our coursebook talks about school life. A fun and easy way to revise school subjects is Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World"!

16 Boring Words and What to Use Instead