Your Digital Footprint: Worksheets and Activities

Every day, whether we want to or not, most of us contribute to a growing portrait of who we are online; a portrait that is probably more public than we assume.

Our digital footprint is all the stuff we leave behind as we use the Internet: comments on social media, app use, photo sharing, email records, the list goes on- it’s part of our online history and can potentially be seen by other people, or tracked in a database.

photo by pexels-2286921
Everyone cares about their reputation, but many students (and teachers) don’t realise that what they do online can impact their digital footprint, permanently. How can our digital footprint become a problem? In the best case scenario, it helps employers look into your background and advertisers track your movements across multiple websites.

Refusing to be a part of the online world is not always a solution so it is important for teachers and educators to advise students about the rights and responsibilities they have as digital citizens, and guide them through the necessary steps they can take to be safe and secure.

The lesson that follows is based on a lesson by Cable in the Classroom, an American division of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association that assisted the cable television industry in providing educational content to schools.

The learning objectives are to
  • Identify what personal information should remain private, and what is suitable to be shared publicly
  • Demonstrate good digital citizenship
  • Explain how one’s digital footprint can impact him/her in the future

On the same website you can also find lessons on information literacy, i.e. how to search for information online and how to critically evaluate the reliability of web sources, on cyberbulling and copyright, (a sensitive subject noone talks about in Greek schools) and many more. The material can be used during Theme Week. 

Update: I used the lesson on Safer Internet Day combined with a presentation from the the Greek Centre for Safe Internet.