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eTwinning Project: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

The students of B4 in the Philipeio-1st Gymnasium of Veria are currently working on an eTwinning project titled: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks. We have teamed with Publiczne Gimnazjum Nr5 in Kluczbork, Poland and Scuola Media Statale in Pianiga, Italy. The students have introduced themselves, their schools and their towns using Powerpoint Presentaions.


  1. This is a real pleasure to work with such an enhusiastic, assiduous and full of fresh ideas partner. I hope our first eTwinning project will be the preface for a long and fruitful cooperation :) Lucyna Dłubak

  2. I'm not very skilled with technology and this scared me a bit when I started the project but thanks to collaborative friends and partners like Lucyna and Evridiki everything has become easier and very interesting. The exchange has been useful for students and a starting point for a lot of FB friendships. And another important aspect for me is that collaboration isn't limited to E-twinning activities but it means sharing ideas and tools beyond the project. This has been made possible by Evridiki, a talented and passionate teacher, who has offered me to know so many new things and enter this wonderful world full of precious sources for teaching English. In particular, let me say, Evridiki,that the layout is very pleasant and CLEAR and that contents are of high quality. I agree with Lucy, it is a pleasure to work with you and thank you very much for offering me such a fantastic opportunity!
    Alessia Marcon


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