Twinspace chat

On the 21st March the Italian, the Polish and the Greek eTwinning teams arranged to meet on Twinspace for a chat and an interview on pop music. At 19:00 local time (18:00 for Italy and Poland) about 15 students and their teachers, Ms Lucyna Dlubak and Ms Alessia Marcon, had the opportunity to use English for real communication, to get to know each other better and come closer. The chat lasted for more than an hour and a half, and although it was an "after school activity", and even "exhausting" for some, we all agreed that it was a unique experience. Many students made new Facebook friends and even came back for more the next day! The students who took part were awarded with a special certificate in recognition of their work.


  1. True!The success of the chat surpassed our expectations.Despite the dfficulties in a real communication it gave our students a great pleasure and unforgettable experiences. They want more :)!


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