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"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

The Pearl is a famous novella by John Steinbeck. Published in 1947, it is the story of a poor pearl diver, Kino, who finds a valuable pearl and is convinced that his life will change. The story explores man's nature as well as greed and evil. 

Steinbeck's inspiration was a Mexican folk tale. Here is an abridged version of the story for B1 students. (Extract taken from Opportunities Pre-Intermediate, Longman)


  1. Hello, where can I find the abridged version of the Pearl that was featured in the video.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Polina. You can find the abridged version in the Longman Opportunities Pre-Intermediate coursebook. I do not own the copy right. I just made a video version of it.


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