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My Learning Diary for the "Online safety" MOOC

Online safety is an integral part of what schools need to be teaching in 2017. It encompasses a wide range of issues and affects staff, pupils, parents and the wider school community. As more and more schools embrace technology as a tool to support learning, it is important that staff and pupils alike understand how to use it safely and responsibly.

Research suggests that 57 per cent of young people think that their friends engage in risky behaviours online 
which demonstrates the need to address this in schools.

"Online safety course" badge

The "Online Safety Course" at the European Schoolnet Academy offered participants a better understanding of the current risks and challenges that young people face when they go online. They discussed strategies for supporting young people and helping them to develop safe and responsible behaviours when they go online. A wide range of resources that can be used in schools was provided, and participants were also asked to share their own experiences, challenges and successes.

You can find my Learning Diary for the course below:

Online Safety Course

The Microsoft research on digital activity 65% of respondents said that they had been a victim of at least one online risk (unwanted contact 43%, treated mean 22%, online harassment (17%). 58% of 13-17 year olds had met the perpetrator of the online risk face to face.


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