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Tribes Project

Unit 1 of Think Teen 2nd Grade, Beginners ends with a project on tribes whose ways of life are threatened by modern world. Maravelaki Fryni, an EFL teacher in Serres has an excellent webquest to accompany the book's project in her blog.

Turtle Song Cycle (With Turtle) by Anthony Walker / Spirit Gallery
As this was our first project work, my main aim was to keep the students' works short so that they wouldn't copy large sections from the internet without processing them. To this end 
they had to answer very specific questions and gather information from a range of sites. 
Tribes Project questions
Before starting working on the actual project we discussed the evaluation criteria so that they were absolutely clear what was expected of them. During the presentation all the teams used the evaluation sheet in order to discuss and decide on the best project. 

Below are some of the students' works:


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